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Philogene Alexander Lake

Philogene Alexander Lake (born Feb,18, 1903- Passed Sept.29, 1987), was affectionately known to us as “TATA”.

Tata was born to Benjamin Cathleen-Lake(Dec.12, 1864- Oct.1942) and Sophia Baly-Lake(Aug.24,1861-Feb.19, 1944) on French St. Martin. Tata sought a better life by working in Santo Domingo and Aruba, before returning home to St. Martin to retire.

Tata who was fruitful in multiplying far & wide had 9 children. His first child was with Madeline “Maude” Brookson. He later married Irma Cecile Haswell-Lake(May 23,1906- Jan. 21,1967), who is known to us as “Nana”, who had his other 8 children

French & English

Tata mastered both the French and English language and would translate documents for his fellow villagers of Rambaud.

Tata was a man wearing many hats in his village. He also kept money for people and sometimes even gave small loans and was therefore called “the banker”.

Tata was also a plumber, spokesman, dancer but most importantly he was a provider for his family.


At a young age Tata damaged his hip in a construction accident but that did not slow him down until his latter years when he began using a cane.

Eventually his mobility got worse and ceased but his mouth (LOL) remained strong. When scolding his children or grandchildren he did it sternly but with exceptional love.

Tata took even more pride in recording names and birthdates of his grand and great grandchildren, also ensuring their day-to-day needs were met and protecting them even from his bed.

We cherish our heritage and pay homage to this “GREAT MAN” who planted “Strong Roots” that make us who we are today. His descendants are over 450 persons strong and are spread worldwide.

“Families are like branches on a tree. We grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one.”

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Rosalie "Lee" FLANDERS

Rafael LAKE

Constancia "Zoon" ELLIS

Viola "Yetto" VAN PUTTEN

Filomena "Bau-Bau" BERKEL

Rodrigue "Peru" LAKE

Gualanie LAKE

Felix LAKE

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‏‏ ‏“Family is family.”

“You need a strong family because, at the end, they will love you and support you unconditionally..”

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